Funding Sources




IARPA, (sub-contract, PI)

IARPA, FA8650-19-C-9101, $1,323,723 (PI)

BICI, $256,927 (PI)

NIOSH, R01 OH011082-01A1, $1,655,020 (PI)

NIH, 1R21HL139156, $411,601 (PI)

NIH, SBIR-Phase II, 2R44AA026119-02, “Wearable Nanoelectronic Vapor Sensors for Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring” $1,500,000, $402, 177 (sub-award, PI)

IARPA, 2018-18032000001, $300,000 (PI)

NSF, ECCS-1607250, “Development of scanning optofluidic cell lasers for highly sensitive cellular and tissue analysis” $454,313 (PI)

NSF, DBI-1451127, “IDBR TYPE A: Optofluidic laser array based ultrasensitive ELISA instrument with a large dynamic range” $380,724 (PI)



IARPA, FA8650-17-C-9106, $578,786 (PI)

NSF, IIP-1548317, SBIR-Phase I, $150,000 (Subcontractor PI, $30,000), SBIR-Phase I, $150,000 (Subcontractor PI, $30,000)

EPA, R835644, “Field device to monitor indoor chemicals” $900,000 (PI)

NSF, ECCS-1405870, “High-Frequency Graphene Nanoelectronic Vapor Sensors for Micro-Gas Chromatography” $360,000 (Co-PI ($180,000), PI: Zhong).

NSF, IIP-1443335, “I-Corps: Wearable Transdermal Vapor Sensors for Non-invasive Continuous Disease Monitoring,” $50,000 (PI)

NIH, NIBIB-1R21EB016783, “Protein interaction study In-vitro and in live cells with optofluidic lasers,” $403,000 (PI)

NSF, IIP-1342917, “AIR Option 1: Technology Translation: Prototyping a smart multi-dimensional micro-gas chromatography instrument with unprecedented peak capacity,” $150,000 (PI)

NSF, ECCS-1303499, “Plasmonically enhanced optical ring resonators for label-free single molecule detection,” $200,000 (PI)

NSF, CMMI-1265164, “Sensitive Dual Mode Microfluidic Optomechanical Analysis of Biomolecules,” $370,000 (PI)

NSF, CBET-1158638, “Integrated opto-nanofluidic biosensors,” $365,400 (PI)

Global Challenges for a Third Century, “Real-time monitoring of environmental impact on plants through a plant-machine interface network,” $293,650 (PI)

NSF, IIP-1340278, “I-Corps: Development of Integrated Optofluidic ELISA Biosensor Plates,” $50,000 (PI)

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, “Optofluidic fluorescent immunoassay,” $100,000 (PI)

NSF, ECCS-1128157, “Tunable Micro-Optofluidic Ring Resonator Arrays as Micro Gas Chromatograph Detectors,” $360,000 (Co-PI, PI: Edward Zellers)

NSF, ECCS-0936056, “REU”, $6,000 (PI)

NSF, IOS-0946735 , “Interrogating Plant Volatile Reports About the Environment,” $300,000 (shared the same credit as the PI Prof. Jack Schultz)

NSF, ECCS-0853399 (1045621), “Integrated versatile opto-fluidic ring resonator laser systems with ultralow threshold,” $311,686 (PI)

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, Early Career Award (Phase II), “Prototyping Lab-on-a-Chip Based on Liquid Core Optical Ring Resonators For Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarkers,” $260,000 (PI)

NSF, ECCS-0729903 (1058710), “Development of highly sensitive ultrafast micro gas chromatography for explosive detection”, $400,000 (PI)

NSF-CAREER, CBET-0747398 (1037097), “Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer in Opto-fluidic Ring Resonators for Ultrasensitive Biomolecule Detection,” $400,000 (single PI)

NSF, ECCS-0608745, “Functionalized Nanoscale Materials for Sensor Architectures,” $102,392 (shared PI credit with Prof. Sheila Grant)

American Chemistry Petroleum Research Fund, 43879-G10, “Single Molecule Raman Detection with a Composite Microresonator and Metal Nanocavity System,” $35,000 (single PI, no overhead)

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, Early Career Award, “Prototyping Lab-on-a-Chip Based on Liquid Core Optical Ring Resonators For Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarkers,” $238,000 (PI)

3M Foundation, Non-Tenured Faculty Award, $67,500 (no overhead, single PI)

Missouri Beef Industry Council, “Rapid Simultaneous Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella in Ground Beef by Quantum Dot Labeled Antibodies and Immunomagnetic Separation,” $51,792 (shared the PI credit with Prof. Azlin Mustapha, no overhead)

NIH 5K25EB006011, “Highly Sensitive Biosensor Platform Using Optical Microring Resonators,” $447,953, (Primary mentor)

NIH 5R21EB5840-3, “Atomic Force-FRET Microscopy,” $569,843 (8%, PI: Gerald Meininger)

UM-Research Board, “Novel Raman Bio/Chemical Sensors,” $27,742, (single PI, no overhead)

MU-Research Council, “Multiplexed liquid core optical ring resonator sensors with sub-nanoliter detection volume,” $7,500 (single PI, no overhead)

DARPA-subcontract from ICx Nomadics, “Micro-gas-chromatography based on liquid core optical ring resonator,” $12,000 (single PI)

MU Bioprocessing and Biosensing Center (multiple grants)